Gibson: Cesar Gueikian è qui per restare
Gibson: Cesar Gueikian è qui per restare
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La nomina di CEO ad interim diventa definitiva per Cesar Gueikian, Brand President Gibson che ora prende definitivamente la poltrona lasciata libera da JC Curleigh.
Entra in Gibson nel 2018, come parte del piano di rilancio a seguito della bancarotta da poco annunciata.
Da subito ha inizio un aggressivo progetto di rilancio, su tutti i fronti. Si tagliano i rami secchi, si ottimizza il catalogo e si fa anche battaglia ai concorrenti. Gli ultimi anni però sono anche teatro di iniziative stimolanti che coinvolgono l’intera azienda. Si parla di vintage, di Gibson Garage, e proprio a Cesar - ora Brand President - si deve la galassia di progetti “media” legati a Gibson, le serie sul canale YouTube e tutte le produzioni video ed editoriali che si sono susseguite.

Nel 2023 Gibson sembra di nuovo sulla cresta dell’onda, in piena salute e pronta a dire addio al CEO che l’ha traghettata fuori dal pantano del Chapter 11: JC Curleigh. L’annuncio arriva nel mese di maggio, e al suo posto ci sarà Cesar Gueikian. In un primo momento la sua nomina è considerata ad interim, temporanea, ma a luglio ecco che viene confermata.
Cesar Gueikian diventa ufficialmente Presidente e CEO Gibson.

Gibson: Cesar Gueikian è qui per restare
Foto: Gibson

Oltre che un manager capace, di grande esperienza, Cesar è un fanatico della chitarra, un collezionista e un musicista che ha saputo guadagnare la stima e la simpatia di artisti e del pubblico, che ha imparato a conoscerlo anche tramite i social, dove Gueikian è solito condividere retroscena, anticipazioni e curiosità dietro le produzioni Gibson più esclusive.

Cesar Gueikian conserverà il doppio ruolo di Presidente e CEO del gruppo Gibson Brands. La sua nomina viene accompagnata dal forte sostegno dei colleghi e degli artisti che hanno incrociato il suo cammino, come riporta il comunicato ufficiale:

Slash: “I can't think of a more natural fit for CEO of Gibson than Cesar Gueikian. He's one of, if not THE smartest, most passionate Gibson guitar enthusiasts I've ever met, and he is a keen businessman; you can't go wrong.”
Tony Iommi: “I can’t believe how Cesar has transformed Gibson from a brand on its way down and out to the success it is today. He went out of his way to meet with musicians and take note of what we were saying, gathering a great team around him. It’s now a company I’m proud to be associated with. Thank you, Cesar.”

Lzzy Hale: “It is no small feat to marry the chaos of the creative music world and the structure of the business. Cesar operates on a level of passion that is otherworldly. I’m so proud to have his beautiful soul in my life. Congratulations to my friend, no one deserves this position more.”

Dave Mustaine: “Recently, I made the highly anticipated and even higher documented move to Gibson Brands Inc., becoming an endorser of Gibson Guitars, and when asked about Epiphone and Kramer as well, I eagerly said yes, and became an ‘Ambassador’ for the three brands. 
I would not have felt comfortable doing this if it wasn’t for the excellent leadership within the company, the fabulous treatment and quality control with all of the instruments, and the incredible vision and strategy for making and bringing the world of guitar players the best instruments possible. 
When I visited Gibson, I met a South American gentleman named Cesar Gueikian, and since then, we have designed, manufactured and sold the best guitars I have ever played and endorsed. I know this would not have been possible without the company’s staunch belief and support of me, and Megadeth, most notably from Cesar.
I heard that he has been appointed the CEO now of Gibson, and I can’t think of a better, more passionate, intelligent person, to be at the helm of Gibson empire. With his background in finance, his incredible business acumen, his insane ability to shred, and the fact he calls me ‘Colo,’ which is short for ‘El Colorado,’ like all of the wonderful fans from Argentina do, is the icing on the guitar cake!”

Emily Wolfe: “Cesar has a knack for innovation in the gear world, but always maintains reverence to the vintage instruments alongside legendary musicians who have created timeless art. It’s rare that a global brand also supports and elevates emerging artists like me. But Gibson isn’t just a brand, it’s a family, and I couldn’t be more proud to see Cesar lead Gibson to even greater heights.”
Adam Jones: “When I first met Cesar, I was blown away by his knowledge and deep commitment to music. Truly, Cesar’s soul drips with integrity and passion, and his dedication to Gibson’s quality and legacy is beyond reproach. I feel very proud to know him. We have developed an amazing working relationship but beyond that, I now consider Cesar a close friend.”

Kirk Hammett: “I’m going to quote what a wise man once said to me--DO EPIC SH*T BRO!!”

Jared James Nichols: “Cesar is not only a qualified leader, but also someone who truly loves and honors the legacy and spirit of Gibson. I cannot think of a better person for this crucial role. Congratulations Cesar, for your future continued success of the company! It’s safe to say Gibson Guitars are in safe hands. #DES”

Jason Momoa: “This is Fantastic news, and AS IT SHOULD BE. The Greatest thing I truly love about this is that he is the perfect person to represent Gibson. Any company in the world who has someone that loves, lives and breathes the brand as much as he does is very lucky. When you are friends with him you feel you are a part of the experience as well. All my love and aloha, what an exciting thing!”

Matt Heafy: “I have been a faithful customer, fan, and ambassador of the Gibson family of brands since I was 11.
My dad’s dream before ever having a son, was to have a Gibson Les Paul Custom-playing son - so it was predestined that I’d be a Gibson player.
Having officially endorsed Gibson since I was in my early 20’s, I can say with absolute certainty that Gibson has never been as strong as it is now, with Cesar Gueikian as its leader.
Cesar doesn’t just believe in the company and isn’t just one of the best businesspeople I’ve ever met - but he’s a passionate fan of guitar-driven music; he’s an exceptional player with a keen ear for tones and gear.
Since his childhood, he has been a fan and supporter of rock and metal - and he has a heart and soul of gold in both his philanthropic beliefs and how he takes care of the employees of the Gibson family of brands.
A massive congratulations to Cesar on his CEO title of the Gibson family of brands.”

Sergio Vallín: My dear friend! You are a shining titan! Your passion for music and especially your passion for guitar is what brought you here. I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart, with all my admiration and respect. You are the head of this family committed to the magic of Gibson. I wish you a lot of light, wisdom, and - above all - a lot of music on this new path. Congratulations, my dear friend".

Fito Páez: “Receiving the news of Cesar Gueikian being confirmed as CEO of Gibson is great and exciting for me. Gibson is a historic brand associated with the DNA of music and instruments for over 130 years. After all this time, instruments remain a key part of our lives. Instruments help to create, unify, and connect; they have a universal language that allows us all to be together. As an Argentine, it is a great honor that Gibson has a great leader who values musicians, and who understands and loves music. He truly understands the significance of guitars, and I am really happy because he is a businessman who perfectly understands the music world. Congratulations Cesar!”

Rob Trujillo: “I’d like to congratulate Cesar Gueikian for his well-deserved promotion to CEO of Gibson Brands. Every once in a while, you meet an outstanding motivator and passion-driven intelligent mind, who really believes in what he has. Gibson is a brand that has shaped modern music as we know it, and Cesar has reinvigorated Gibson and its landscape in the marketplace. 
Congratulations Cesar, we are all so proud of you hermano!"

Serj Tankian: “Cesar is not only an amazing executive at Gibson, but a great artist in his own right and a good friend. He understands both the artistry and the business. I think he’s gonna make a kick ass permanent CEO.”

Luis Fonsi: “I’m so proud of Cesar Gueikian being appointed as Gibson's CEO. His passion for music, his personal connection with the artists, and his commitment to Latin music and culture are unbelievable. Bravo, Cesar!”

Elizabeth Heidt, Chief Marketing Officer, Gibson Brands: “Cesar's passion and commitment to our company is unparalleled, and he is the perfect person to lead us in this era. Cesar is a force and working with him has changed my life. He has been a constant supporter, pushing me to grow in the best way and providing me with the incredible opportunity to help lead our Gibson team. I am so proud to say that he is a mentor, a partner and a friend.”
Mark Agnesi, Director of Brand Experience, Gibson Brands: “I am so proud that Cesar Gueikian has officially been named CEO of Gibson Brands. His commitment, love and passion for our brands is contagious, and I can’t think of a better leader to take Gibson forward into the next chapter.”

Mat Koehler, Vice President of Product, Gibson Brands: ”Cesar becoming Gibson's CEO means everything to my team and I, and we couldn't be more excited about the future with him at the helm. I know that we will see new levels of quality, variety, and innovation and continue to serve the music community with the most inspiring and empowering products on the planet."
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